Overcome the Letdown After Any Transformative Journey

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You’ve been on a long journey – a vacation, a student year abroad, living as an expatriate – and now you’ve returned. But home, and you, might not be the same as when you left.

Returning to your everyday world, you may be disappointed that the thrill of the journey is over. You want to keep the inspiration from your journey alive once you’ve come home.

Hollywood films never show the homecoming – we see the hero at the end of his adventure, sailing off toward the horizon, fully empowered and enlightened from his journey. We don’t see the hero return home where he tries to figure out how to bring his heroic insights to bear on daily life.

Despite the off-screen nature of coming home, the return from a trip marks a significant step in the hero’s journey. Once home, we can recall experiences and use them to live a better life. Whether you consider yourself a hero or not, you’ll still want to make the most of the time, money and energy you’ve invested in your journey. My e-book, The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You’ve Come Home, offers a map to make the most of your journey even after you’ve returned home.

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The Return Home Can Feel Strangely Foreign

I’m Cynthia Morris, and I’ve experienced many un-graceful returns. If you’ve traveled or made major transformations in your life, you have probably experienced returns that aren’t very pleasant. My most recent journey, a one-year stint living and working as a creative nomad in Europe, sparked the idea for this guide. Upon return to my country, I had to start from scratch. I so badly wanted to make something from my trip that I could share with others in a meaningful way. But I was confused and discombobulated. I couldn’t organize myself and my thoughts in a way that made me feel normal. I didn’t get a grip until I turned to my art making tools, those creative ways that provided a path through the confusion. Through writing, mindmapping and storytelling, I got my footing and acclimated to a new normal. And I came to write The Graceful Return so I could share what I found to be an incredibly valuable process.

You’ve probably had plenty of guidance on how to leave home and how to survive in new territory. But there’s scant support for the return. Coming home can stir up many emotions, and straddling the gap between the adventure and the mundane, you may feel isolated and confused. And the strange thing about a journey is that when you come home, things often seem unchanged. Normal, even. But your life is not normal anymore, and the disconnect between appearances and your inner reality can cause you to feel, well, slightly nuts.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’ve taken countless trips. I was recounting a story to a friend. I said, “I’d just come back from Europe and was completely confused and scared and not sure what was next. I’d just had this incredible experience and now what?” My friend reflected back to me that she’d heard me say that many times. When I thought about it, I realized that every return home involved a period of transition and integration, where I took the fruits I’d gathered on my trips and made something of them. And now I’ve gathered a set of tools to make your return from any journey more meaningful and empowering.

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As a coach for more than ten years, I’ve guided my clients through their inner and outer transformations. In The Graceful Return, I use a way of questioning that helps you gain valuable insights so you can make lasting and powerful transformations. I bring both my own experiences as an adventurer and my work as a coach to help make any journey more meaningful.

What’s Your Journey?

The Graceful Return guides a thoughtful process of self-investigation that allows you to share the fruits of your adventure. Feel empowered by your journey and use your new insights in your life back home. The Graceful Return is for anyone coming home from:

  • a student year abroad. You’ll have new perspectives on life at home, and it may be hard to relate to the friends who weren’t away. Don’t let the empowerment you felt abroad slip away; put it to use for your next bold move.
  • an adult gap year. Perhaps you took a sabbatical with the hopes of regenerating your career or life. Maybe your new direction isn’t clear. How to know if you’ve found insights that will help you chart your next move?
  • a military deployment. You’ve lived a completely different life than the one at home, and perhaps now you’re experiencing conflicting emotions. Use The Graceful Return to feel less isolated and pro-actively sort through feelings and memories.
  • a stint living and working abroad. Carving out a life as an expatriate takes great effort and commitment. You’ve enjoyed a totally different world, and now what? Starting over can take time, and intentional reflection can make it easier.
  • a round-the-world trip of any length. How do you encapsulate all the experiences you’ve had so you can share your journey with friends and family? The aftermath of an adventure can include letdown and isolation but it doesn’t have to be so challenging.
  • your long-planned vacation. After a much-anticipated event, there’s often a post-trip funk. You’ve been living large and loving it. How to capture that feeling of adventure in your daily life? The Graceful Return offers a path to understanding what enlivens you so you can live the journey daily.

There are as many journeys as there are ways to experience them. You don’t have to go to Europe for six months or completely leave home to be on a transformative journey. There’s a wealth of information for how to embark on the journey, and very little on how to return home gracefully. Until now.

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The return home can be very isolating, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Graceful Return offers a bridge between the intensity of a journey and the daily routine of life back home. Use your epiphanies to process your experiences and develop ideas that you can use in work and life.

Transformative journeys offer you awareness about what’s important to you and what you care about. The Graceful Return helps you capture those insights and use them to relish a life that feels like an exuberant journey, whether you’re traveling or not.

Using writing and art making tools, tap into the wealth of insight you’ve gained to understand how your experiences have affected you. Put language and images to your feelings and stories to make it possible to share them. Empower yourself with a bit of time, intention and creative effort. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Take The Graceful Return

The 50-page e-book, The Graceful Return, will give you guidance to make the most of any transformative journey. Part One acknowledges that sometimes a return home is anything but graceful. Coming home can seem very strange, and you’ll want extra space and time to get your footing.

The Graceful Return offers important reminders to help you take extra good care of yourself during this transition time. Carving out space, giving yourself time, managing your finances and staying in touch with the people and places you’ve left behind are addressed.

In Part Two, you’ll find suggestions for how to bring the fruit of your experiences to the table with common art making tools. Writing, three-dimensional art, storytelling and photography are all ways that you can capture your thoughts and feelings for yourself and to share with others.

Each part of the book is divided into eight suggestions or ways that provide an easy-to-use set of tools for the returning hero to make her journey home more graceful. I’ve included tons of coaching inquiries (these are the powerful questions my clients get so much value from) that you can choose from to guide your own insights.

Save yourself time, angst and confusion with this invaluable journey aid.

Buy your electronic copy of The Graceful Return here. The e-book and its bonuses cost $19.

Some of the issues I cover are ones that are difficult to approach in any context. With intention and compassion, you will navigate the tricky waters of:

  • Fielding questions. Even the best-intentioned friends and family can ask the wrong questions. Learn how to field the awkward questions (“What are you going to do now?”) and ask yourself the questions that will actually help you.
  • Manage finances. Money plays a part in any journey, and you’ll want to make sure your financial needs are met so you have space for your return. I invite a conscious exploration of your financial picture so you can have peace of mind.
  • Carving out time and space. Sometimes when you get home it’s like you’ve just been ejected from the moving walkway at the airport and into a whirlwind of at-home activities. Slow down and make time and space so your equilibrium is attained more quickly and easily.
  • Managing expectations and emotions. How we approach our return can have an enormous impact on how difficult it is. Be aware of how your own mind can derail you and use The Graceful Return to have greater peace of mind.

In Part Two, I bring decades of work as a writer and artist to share simple tools that anyone can use to be more clear and focused during a transition. In The Graceful Return you’ll find suggestions for:

  • Writing Whether you’re journaling for yourself or crafting stories to share with others, I offer several ways to get your thoughts out of your head and on paper even if you’ve never written anything before.
  • Visual Arts Photography, collage, scrapbooking and drawing can allow access to your inner world in ways that words cannot. You don’t have to draw a straight line or have any experience in art making to use these tools to draw powerful connections and gain insights. And, if you choose, your art making efforts can easily be shared with others.

Pick up your copy and immediately crossing the bridge from your journey to home will become easier. The Graceful Return is available for immediate download. This 50-page e-book is a digital file that is read with Adobe Reader. (Download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.)

You may be thinking, “But I’m no artist! I can’t write a story to save my life!” That’s okay. It’s not about making art. It’s not about looking good for a critical audience. It’s about finding tools to help you access your most cherished thoughts and feelings. Art and writing provide powerful means to tap into what’s true for you below the surface you show the world. People have been using these creative tools for centuries to understand and express the mysteries of life.

How you live, how you travel, how you embark and return from a journey are all part of your unique creative expression. Bring your creativity home with the tools in The Graceful Return.

I used these tools myself and have coached others through the process of making the most of a journey. With a little extra attention and focus, the joys of the journey can be extended long past your arrival back home.

The Graceful Return makes a great gift if you’re welcoming someone back home. Parents, friends, spouses, community members can give this unique gift to the loved one coming home. Show that you do care about their adventure by purchasing a gift copy of The Graceful Return.

Order your copy now through our secure server and have The Graceful Return within minutes.


There’s a lot to cover on this topic, so I’ve included three bonuses to accompany the 50-page e-book. Included with The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You’ve Come Home are the following bonuses:

  • The Real Me This Values Exploration exercise will give you clarity on who you are and what’s important to you. Having awareness of your values is particularly useful to make a graceful transition. Knowing your values will help you answer the question, “Who am I now?”
  • Free-Writing Guide Writing is a powerful tool in making a graceful return. This simple method will make writing easy no matter how stuck you may feel.
  • Resources Guide I’ve shared tons of resources to save you the time and effort of tracking down ways to make your return graceful.

You may have tapped into your true self while away from home. How to bring that back with you and incorporate that essence into daily life and work? The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You’ve Come Home provides a landing pad – helping you recognize how you’ve changed and giving you tools to help figure out what’s next

Don’t get sucked right back in to life and lose the magic of the journey. Use The Graceful Return to navigate the course of a project, a career change or a deeper discovery about your life and work.

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My Guarantee

I live by the power of intention matched with creative action. If you buy The Graceful Return, read it, and try the exercises and are dissatisfied with the results, contact me and I will happily refund your money. I believe you should feel good about the products you buy and I put a lot into making sure my products deliver what I promise.

Pick up your copy of The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You’ve Come Home now. The cost of the e-book and the bonuses is only $19. Hiring me to work with you one-one would cost hundreds of dollars but you can guide yourself through this process for the cost of stowing your luggage on a plane.

Simply click here and you’ll be lead through a simple process to purchase and download your electronic copy of The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You’ve Come Home. This 50-page e-book is a digital file that is read with Adobe Reader. (Download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.) For The Graceful Return and the bonuses, you’ll pay only $19.

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If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is via email. If you prefer to order The Graceful Return with a check, no problem. Just send $19 to Original Impulse, Inc. P.O. Box 300044 Denver, CO 80203. Once I receive your payment, I’ll email you a link to download your e-book and bonuses.

I’m convinced of the power of the journey to transform us, even though it’s not always easy. My intention is that The Graceful Return will make your journeys more meaningful and empowering so that you can take more of them, more often and more easily.

To your great journeys – many graceful returns,


P.S. You’ve spent countless cash and valuable time on your journey. Don’t let the richness of it slip away in the busyness of life back home. Unlike many things you buy for a journey, The Graceful Return comes with a money-back guarantee if you find that what I’m sharing here isn’t for you. Pick up your copy today and make the journey last longer.

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